REORIENTXPRESS is a journey of dialogues with designers and other actors involved in the process of transformations of the Asian physical environment. It is an itinerant project across South and East Asia to implement interdisciplinary debate about the changes driven by globalization and by the increasing struggle to support perpetual growth, at a turning point after modernism and its full deconstruction. The dialogues concentrate on specific themes that are key in the 'urban age', focusing on dichotomies of concepts that usually reveal different approaches between East and West. Putting them on equal footing, the project tries to reconsider frozen positions and envision potential future scenarios. Through the collection of a series of fragments and their retrospective interpretation, it aims to give a ‘holistic view’ to approach this critical moment in urban dynamics. The collective transnational debate aims to document and put together a sort of expanded self-consciousness on the nature and state, speed and scale of these deep changes.

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